Home Decor Tips For Summer 2021

Summer is all about basking in the warm, sunny feeling of the season. As we continue to stay indoors, the best way to celebrate the occasion is to bring that lively spirit into our home decor.

This year, a resort-style vibe is where the trends are headed. Think natural woven fibers like rattan along with earth tones accented by pops of primary colors. A spacious and airy arrangement of living room furniture is also ideal as we let the sunshine into home spaces. If these descriptions are something up your alley, read on for more tips on 2021 summer decor.

Tropics-themed indoor plants

The simplest way to bring the outdoors in is to take in plants. For something larger, choose a palm variety for a tropical feel. For smaller pots, an anthurium with its light berry color can be great accent pieces around a space.

Pops of color for accent pieces

Only using a light palette throughout your home might leave it feeling a little flat for a season as vibrant as summer. Bring more flavor to your home with pops of pigment in primary colors like red, yellow and blue for maximum intensity. Other color palettes to consider are bright berry and citrus colors for a fruity punch of personality.

Earth tones as a base palette

While your pops of color will serve as accents, following a more natural earth tone for the majority of the house will give the space a visual balance. Let your furniture and walls follow serene, natural hues of tan or cream to remind you of loamy soil or warm sand. Don’t forget to mind the warm and cool tones of each shade to balance out your accent colors.

Textured fabric and natural fibers

An array of textures gives your space a bohemian feel perfect for summer. An easy way to integrate different textures is to replace your pillow covers with tasseled designs or multi textured fabrics. As DIY decor is popular during quarantine, bringing in pieces made of handmade macrame is a great way to spice up your tables or hang your plants.

Geometric shapes for decor

Geometric decor has been an all around trend lately. From 3D wire sculptures to flat basic shapes in various hues, you can find these as wall art or tabletop pieces in any modern home. For summer, a great way to integrate this is by bringing in large arched mirrors or decorative wall pieces in electric colors to bring energy into a room.

Dynamic decorative lighting

An underrated part of interior design is picking out the best decorative lighting to play with the visual dimensions of a room. Play with a mixture of overhead, accent and task lights to create different moods. If you’re feeling adventurous this summer, go for lighting outside of the usual warm and cool whites to perhaps a flamingo pink desk lamp or sky blue backlighting on furniture.

Whether your preference be tranquil natural tones or electric neon palettes, summer is all about letting your more playful side take over. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone even just for the summer, because nothing is too avant garde or gauche in a season that’s all about adventure and high energy. We can’t have all work and no play in our spaces, right?

Dressing up your home for the occasion isn’t too hard either. Here at Our Home, we have great modern contemporary and bohemian style pieces for you to peruse and bring home for your dream tropical theme. Visit our catalogs now and have fun transforming your space into a forever staycation!