Furniture Essentials For Your Home Office

The past year of quarantine and increasingly common work from home setups has made home offices even more valuable. Even if the time arrives when quarantining is no longer necessary, the remote work trend will likely still be around to stay. Now that times are changing, it’s a good idea to finally invest in a home work space that can truly be conducive for productivity. Assess your current space and think: Have I checked off everything on the home office essentials list?

Don’t worry, here’s a handy checklist for you to compare your assessment with. Not only that, but we have some great office furniture recommendations straight from Our Home that might help you build your dream home office setup.

Office chair

The Hedvige Office Chair in Gray

Sitting for eight hours daily is not a comfortable experience if you don’t have an ergonomic chair in use. Make sure to have an office chair specifically crafted to make long-haul shifts easier and more productive. Don’t forget to also check the durability of the chair since it will be a daily use item, so sturdiness is a must. If it suits your preferences, a rolling chair might also be a bonus for you because of the increased mobility and ease in transferring between rooms for a change of scenery.

Work desk

The Farkins Office Desk

The perfect work desk is typically a no-frills furniture piece. As long as it has ample space for your computers, keyboards and notebooks, plus easily reachable drawers for your office supplies, it would be good to go. Another spec to take note of is if the height is compatible with yours—desks that are too low might strain your back while desks that are too high might make your arms and shoulders uncomfortable.


The Howard Office Cabinet

Depending on your line of work, you might need more or less storage, but you’re highly likely to need some cabinets whatever the work may be. Choose cabinets that fit well with your desk so that it’s easily accessible, and assess how many drawers you would need for all your materials. For example, architects or fashion designers might need more storage for storing drafting projects or pattern creation respectively, so choose larger cabinets if this is your line of work. Another bonus is if your cabinet can double as a holder for your other office equipment like printers, extra monitors or the WiFi modem.

Light fixtures

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Working in a dark area for prolonged periods of time is a surefire way to develop eye strain. Make sure you have ample lighting in your work space for both productivity and better ambience, especially if it’s in an area without windows. Depending on your space situation or preferences, you can choose between a dedicated desk lamp to help you focus on the task at hand or a larger floor lamp that can also brighten up the whole room.


The Dieffenbachhia Plants

An often overlooked element of a working space is the decor. It might not seem essential, but having a pleasing workspace could possibly help boost your productivity, so don’t forget it. Bring in colorful paintings to your walls or interesting figurines on your table. If you’re the type who prefers low maintenance decor, you can add in artificial plants just to bring a calming green color to your peripherals and to keep the vibe fresh.

And there you have it: You’re on your way to creating a sleek and productive space perfect for modern working. There are more furniture items and accessories you can invest in along the way—think carpets, floating shelves and wire managers—but these five items will establish the foundations of your home office. Once your dream work space comes together, remote work will feel that much more rewarding.