"Designing your Christmas: May your days be merry and white"

Nowadays, with the influx of inspirations coming from everywhere, it is very easy to just change the way things are done from a very creative standpoint. Take Christmas for instance. Gone are the days that a Christmas color palette automatically points to red and green. But because, people are getting to be experimental and adventurous when it comes to color mixing and matching, there are now a hundred and one ways to color your Christmas. At OUR HOME though, Christmas not only means veering away from the traditional red and green but making sure that Christmas still shines bright in a tasteful and elegant manner – with a different color scheme. Want to know how? Just read on!


There is just something to be said about a white Christmas. The image of an all-white backdrop set against pristine and calming environs sets up visions of a snow-covered meadow, a blazing fire, and a warm cup of cocoa. White is a staple when it comes to conjuring up an atmosphere akin to Christmas. At OUR HOME, snow white takes center stage and lays the foundation for another Christmas color to spark up both interest and contrast—Scarlet! The combination of both red and white is elegant and classy; to the point of becoming timeless but still a different take on how Christmas is to be colored. This time, the trimmings are bold and bright red against a snow frosted Christmas tree in a modern contemporary white setting. The results spell a way of spending the holidays Trendy ambiance.


An all-white sofa becomes the blank canvas where the scarlet-snow theme can be achieved. A three-seater and two-seater combination can work or even an L-shaped variety can be the focal point of the living room set up. Throw pillows in different shades of red; wine, Bordeaux, maroon, burgundy, crimson, and ox blood element against white and create a festive feel. Throw blankets in plush and comfortable fabrics can add to the luxurious feel and can complement the white shag area rug underfoot. A pair of bold, red accent chairs can also complement the look while maintaining a modern and contemporary appeal. The Christmas tree in the corner adds height while at the same time pulling the look look together—eliciting a holiday feel.


Christmas is all about gathering around a table with family and friends and sharing stories while partaking of good food and good company. This time, the holiday vibe is achieved by making the dining table the stage where red and white can liven up the atmosphere. Christmas time is the perfect time to create Christmas centerpieces to adorn the table while evoking a festive ambiance. Wreaths and garlands with white frostings can be used as table décor in the form of centerpieces that can make the dining experience a memorable one. Decked with berries and hollies, balls and ribbons, they can complement the red and white theme of the space. And to really bring in the holiday spirit, candles in the same palette can be added for a dramatic touch.


The Christmas spirit can very well extend to any room in the house and that includes the bedroom. White, crisp sheets on a comfortable and luxurious bed can be conducive to restful nights especially when the temperature becomes a bit chilly. And to add spark and interest, bed linens, pillows, and blankets can be used to convey the same red and white appeal. This creates a consistent and cohesive look that even makes the bedroom part of the Yuletide theme. 


Now that practically every room in the house is decked with boughs of red and white hollies and berries and everything in between; OUR HOME brings out other trimmings and accoutrements to seal in the deal when it comes to Christmas stylings. Be inspired by artwork, wall art, and wall hangings that can complement the snow and the scarlet colors against white walls. Bring out the whimsy with specially sourced and curated nutcrackers that can stand out on any table surface and instantly become conversation starters. Maybe go a little traditional with a row or stockings just casually hanging on a garland that can virtually be placed anywhere. 

For the coming Christmas season, OUR HOME takes on a variety of different color schemes and different ways to style and execute Christmas 2022. This month, red and white come to the fore and become a contemporary approach to a different look to Christmas. Classy, elegant, modern, and contemporary; the season of love can look even better with the correct combination of materials—the proper mixing and matching of colors and just the right number of accessories. Christmas is definitely merry and white, only at OUR HOME. Great Designs. Great Prices.