Gifts of Love From Our Home

Valentine's Day is all about spoiling your loved ones and showing them how much you care. Surprise them with a special Valentine's Day gift from Our Home!

Make your home a haven of love and comfort with thoughtful gifts this love month. If you are still wondering what makes a good Valentine's Day gift for your person, check out our gift suggestions.

Nespresso Citiz


Nespresso Pixie


Nespresso Inissia


LSA Bar Decanter Clear 1 8L

₱7,559.80 ₱9,449.75

LSA Serve Circle Platter

₱5,383.80 ₱6,729.75

LSA Serve Square Platter

₱4,879.80 ₱6,099.75

LSA Serve Lond Dish

₱4,399.80 ₱5,499.75

Archipelago Tanaya Jewelry Box Set

₱4,319.78 ₱4,799.75

Umbra Moona Storage Box

₱3,986.10 ₱4,429.00

LSA Serve Duo Platter

₱3,959.80 ₱4,949.75

Umbra Exhibit Photo Frame 3OP

₱2,411.10 ₱2,679.00

LSA Mia Highball 350ml Set of 4

₱2,184.00 ₱3,640.00

Telas Raga Cushion Cover

₱2,159.10 ₱2,399.00

Telas Joy Velvet Cushion Cover

₱2,069.10 ₱2,299.00

LSA Mia Carafe & Tumbler 950ml

₱1,842.00 ₱3,070.00

Bright Ideas Eiffel Tower Candle

₱1,799.78 ₱1,999.75

ARQ Rumple

₱1,709.78 ₱1,899.75