Very Vintage: It’s A Touch of Classic Style for May at Our Home

The colors are bright and vibrant and the textures are rich and posh. The furniture pieces are classically proportioned and the accessories have this old world charm. Yes, Modern Vintage has come to Our Home and it is the featured trend for the month of May. The style captures the antique look of leather yet blends it with contemporary colors for a perky and up to date look that marries a certain classy look with a modern mood that spells something new and trendy.


Two entrance settings instantly become an exercise in vintage vibe as furniture, fabric and accessories mix and mingle to evoke the look and feel of the 40s and 50s in contemporary class. The first look goes warm vintage as it showcases a queen-sized bed as the focal donned in an array of solid sheets in rust, mustard and crimson. A leather clad headboard in deep chocolate brown accentuates and highlights the bold colors of the linens and provide a comfortable backdrop for pillows and throws to evoke a restful mood. At Our Home North Edsa’s focal area (left side upon entering the store through the main entrance) a three-seater – two-seater combination of lounge pieces dominate. Brown antique leather upholstery with well-placed tufting evoke a vintage feel to the living room vignette while textured pillows in the same bright and vibrant color combinations make the furniture pieces come to life and provide an accent while blending well with the bed. Wood and wrought iron accent tables carry the same vintage theme of the space while at the same time create a warm and comfortable play of textures. To the right side of the store, a round table for four in rich tones and grains of walnut wood occupy the dining vignette. This time, instead of high-back dining chairs, a quartet of sitting stools with black leather upholstery provide for a casual and 50s inspired setting. At the back of the store, the same richly grained walnut wood make up the bar seating for two with the same black leather upholstery to tie in the mood and feel of the space. Bright orange stools in upholstered with geometric designs serve as accent pieces while a pair of solid tangerine tall wing chairs provide vertical angles evoking an elegant feel. Textured window treatments with bold geometric prints on sheen fabric, cap off the vintage vibe that tie in the colors and the textures together.


The second look this time goes cooler and greens and blues predominate for a different vintage vibe. The curtain backdrop provides a psychedelic pattern of blue, indigo, sage, avocado and lime in wavy and undulating patterns that provide the inspiration for the style of the space. A deep grey L-shaped sectional sofa is punctuated with throw pillows donned in a myriad of cool and crisp colors that take off from the same colors of the drapery and matches tint for tint the color scheme of the living room lounging area. An avocado green modern accent chair boldly stands out and evokes a striking contrast. Vintage tables with wooden surfaces and cast iron legs provide just enough contemporary textures to create a modern feel while antiquated accessories evoke a nostalgic and timeless appeal. The queen-sized bed to the left is an example of contemporary class with touches of old world charms added in for a modern vintage effect. Covered in plush linens in sage and indigo, the grey padded headboard stands out and makes a statement. On both sides of the bed, a set of 1950s log-inspired stools is used as night stands and highlights table lamps with classic shapes and silhouettes. Capping off the setting is a glass topped square dining table with a pair of mint green printed wing chairs as dining chairs. Large glass bottles in powder blue and bottle green mimic the depression glass of the 1940s and are used unsparingly to decorate the setting sealing in a really modern vintage feel. 


The same treatment of combining classic furniture pieces with bold and bright colors is repeated throughout the store echoing the modern vintage vibe. The show windows highlight four queen-sized beds with tufted padded headboards in different shade of grey covered in linens of vibrant hues and tints. Teal curtains with orange accents provide a backdrop for living room and dining room settings replete with a contemporary classic feel but with printed pillows that add a dash of 40s flavor into the mix. Carefully chosen floral arrangements and accessories adapt the same color scheme and blends perfectly with the rest of the settings.


The look is modern yet nostalgic, the style is trendy yet contemporary, the textures are antique yet current and the colors are fashionable yet traditional. For the month of May, classic pieces with a dose of vintage accents take center stage in Our Home.