• The Power of Pink: February Goes Modern Glam

The Power of Pink: February Goes Modern Glam

Color is such an influential factor in design. It adds ambiance, evokes personality and sets the mood. Color is also psychology. The way people feel towards a particular color usually belies a psychological predisposition to how one is perceived. For the month of February, OUR HOME spotlights pink in its different shades and creates multiple applications that spells only one theme – GLAMOR! Perfect for the love month of February, pink elicits different moods in different settings and invokes a variety of different images that spell modern and contemporary with a glam vibe.

The entrance vignette details a stark living room setting highlighting hot pink. Black becomes the stage as plush velvet settees and sofas provide the backdrop for hot pink throw pillows and curtains evoking a sophisticated and classy ambiance to the space. Black and stainless steel coordinate and compliment each other as center tables and side tables add a sleek and shiny touch, creating lighting effects that reflect the elegant images that speak of a stark and dramatic contrast. A large plush floral area rug holds the setting in place creating a playful mix of floral patterns in the same color hues – black and hot pink.

To the left, pink takes on a more innocent and delicate visage. This time, shades and tints of blush, carnation and baby pink dominate a bedroom set-up where the adjectives dainty and feminine come to mind. A full sized white day bed takes center stage flanked by huge topiaries of pink and white blooms. Behind, a carved white wooden screen in patterns that evoke the images of a white forest provide the background for crisp white sheets, soft pink throws and an accent throw blanket in carnation. On both side of the day bed, a pair of wing chairs takes their places. Donned in pink, white, blue and yellow striped upholstery, adding just the right amount of pattern to the space. A lone white tufted ottoman serves as both footrest or coffee table – take your pick – converting the bedroom to a living area and vice versa. A floral patterned rug anchors the vignette giving it a luxurious feel.

The main window creates a different look for our highlighted color. Fuchsia becomes an interesting choice of an accent color to an otherwise very masculine setting of charcoal, pewter and gunmetal grey. Curtains and drapes in coordinating checked light and dark grey patterns serve as the background palette for two almost identical settings. An L-shaped sectional sofa in deep charcoal gray occupies most of the area where fuchsia and hot pink pillows evoke a distinct contrast. A glass topped dining table for six with the same shade of grey fabric for dining chairs becomes a focal point as a clear glass vase filled with pink and fuchsia orchids stand out as a centerpiece and finally, a queen sized bed with a tufted pewter headboard are donned with sheets carrying a graphic pattern of greys, silvers and just a touch of fuchsia in its lining and piping to complete the look. Accessories and accouterments are in glass, stainless steel and black ceramic giving off a modern glam feel.

The rest of the store follows the same vibe and mood but showcases the versatility of OUR HOME’s chosen color. The showrooms create settings that reveal how pink can be a color that can be suited for any look and any theme. The center settings highlight a pink and white combination where images of white leather tufted beds covered in printed pink and white patterns predominate. White leather couches are complimented with bright pink pillows and this time to create a modern and contemporary feel; beech wood and pine with glass accents are used as center tables, side tables and consoles.

Throughout the entire showroom, pink proves its versatile appeal by being paired with a variety of different looks. The side vignettes offer a beige and pink combination where sectional sofas, loungers and ottomans in khaki, beige and café au lait are given a whimsy appeal by adding bright pink and soft blush pillows and throws. Even leather sofas in chocolate brown and deep mahogany are “tickled pink” via the addition of pink furnishings.

This month, let the power of pink radiate throughout your home and marvel at its different looks and applications while OUR HOME gives you ideas on how to achieve and create the perfect modern glam vibe.