• The Feel of Teal

The Feel of Teal

For the month of August, OUR HOME highlights the color teal. Teal, though a dramatic and stark hue often draws its popularity from people who like the coolness of blue and the freshness of green. Formed by the union of blue and green with a tinge of black, teal now becomes a color prevalent in lush and luxe interiors that border on the vibrant yet subdued ambiance catering to a specific, distinguished and discriminating market. Teal is often a color associated with a discerning palette and a classy and elegant ambiance.

This month, teal is in the air as it becomes OUR HOME’s accent color; focusing on the versatility of the hue and at the same time capturing different moods that can be achieved with such a vibrant and flexible color.

As one enters, a pair of couches in donned in velvet teal take center stage in the entry focal. Matched with stainless steel center, side and console tables, the color is highlighted all the more as it picks up the sheen and modern appeal of the finish. Paired with a couple of gray accent chairs, the versatility of teal shines forth as a color that can be paired subtly with a non-color. Making the setting classier are the curtain drapes that pick up the tints of teal with analogous compliments like citron and indigo and together they make up a striking pattern that serves as the perfect backdrop. Accessories like throw pillows and throw rugs also echo the same analogous treatment of using only teal, citron and indigo.

To the left of the entry focal another setting in teal captures the eye. This time, a sectional L-shaped sofa dominates the vignettes in a deeper shade of teal. The couch, occupying most of the space also utilizes a padded center table in the same fabric creating a monochromatic color palette. Accessories are sparse making the sofa stand out. A trio of stainless steel and glass pedestals carries topiaries in green and a contemporary table lamp with black shades for a dramatic effect. On the opposite side, stainless steel and glass console table contains the same array of accessories creating an approximate symmetry arrangement. Behind, a tall shelf divider is filled with all things teal; glass jars, ceramic vases, flower arrangements and urns, all put on the teal shade and provide an interesting back drop. Throw pillows and curtains also mirror the same teal combinations.

The grand focal window comprise of two queen-sized beds, a center living room set-up and on both ends, dining vignettes. The color palette assumes the same teal-based hues but this time, teal is merely used as an accent. Grays and browns predominate with a striking pinch of teal tints. High-backed gray padded headboards with metal studs and tufting evoke a grand and elegant feel harmonizing with the teal and gray sheets and linens in solid patterns to elicit a contemporary vibe. Pillows and accent throws complement the color palette but do not deviate from the color scheme and instead supplement and blend well. The dining vignettes follow the same scheme with grays and browns predominating; dining chairs are upholstered in gray fabric while tables are finished in wood with a warm walnut shade. Teal is then used in this setting in accessories and centerpieces in the form of floral arrangements, vases and candleholders. Behind, a sideboard and a buffet also carry vases and jars, trays and other accouterments in teal, mint and blue creating a dynamic application of the color scheme. The center vignette is composed of a sectional L-shaped sofa in gray punctuated with a myriad of analogous throw pillows in three hues; teal, chartreuse and green. The same palette is used in the fabric of a couple of printed accent chairs in geometric patterns making this setting lively and a bit whimsical. Center and side tables, as well as console tables are in the same walnut stained finish to create a cohesive and consistent look and accessories revolve around the same analogous palette. Patterned jars in mint, yellow and white provide a contrasting foil against the teals and the blues while jewel tones in gold found in urns and vases evoke an elegant mood. Curtains in swirls of teal against a gray background complete the look of the main window focal.

The same analogous teal palette is repeated in the entire store and offers guests a glimpse of the versatility and the flexibility of teal not only as an accent color but as a dominant color as well. Several pairings with browns and grays, blacks and whites and even beiges and khakis prove that teal is a color that is here to stay. Matched and used in a variety of different combinations, OUR HOME’s color for the month of August is guaranteed to make designers and homemakers alike have a feel for teal.