• September Modern Opulence

September Modern Opulence


The drama of contrasting polarities strikes a balance that exudes a posh ambiance that speaks of substance, echoing the charm and grace of an achromatic palette.

September welcomes style and sophistication as OUR HOME ushers in an age of opulence. For this month, our showrooms become a picture of elegance as black and white predominate in the settings.

As one enters, a pair of white tufted couches beckons. Chesterfield sofas donned in plush white upholstery welcome guests. Punctuated by center and side tables in clear glass suspended on stainless steel bases add a refined look to the setting.

Touches of grey are appreciated in the form of throw pillows and throw rugs that add a soft feel and at the same time provide a subtle contrast against the whites.

Grey is further utilized as a foil to the all white setting as a pair of modern accent chairs gives off a contemporary vibe. White drapes on white sheer curtains flank an abstract art piece hung vertically to draw the eye upward evoking a more elegant feel. Lamps on silver Eiffel Tower ceramic bases provide a hint of illumination and give the ambiance a Parisian mood. Accessories are limited to stainless steel and glass to exclusively produce an opulent feel.

Highlighted in the store windows is a pair of queen-sized beds with tall tufted headboards in grey plush fabric. These focals draw attention and create a stylish take on bedscaping as sheets, throws, shams and bolsters all don a monochromatic palette.

Flanking the beds on both sides are L-shaped sofas that are covered in pristine white upholstery. Accented by black velvet egg chairs, the sofas come to life as the accent chairs complement the black satin and silk throw pillows and the throw rugs added to cap off the black and white theme. Mirrored center, side and console tables with chrome legs become the stage where white ceramic and silver accessories come to life to add sparkle and shine to the surfaces.

A lone black dining table for six in the center serves a bold statement in the black and white theme when regular host chairs are replaced by a pair of high back wing chairs for added impact. Black shades on clear glass lamps add illumination, which is echoed in the striking collection of modern wall art hung on top of the headboards. The entire setting from end to end is tied together by heavy drapes in a graphic pattern of grey, white and black prints.

Inside, the black and white theme echoes through out the entire store. Maintaining an elegant and opulent theme, the center displays showcase four islands of sofa sets each with a striking black accent chair. Held together by area rugs that graphically mirror the white, black and grey theme, the rugs become inspirations for distributing the achromatic theme in throw pillows and throw blankets, accessories and lamps. Flower arrangements also are synched within the theme as only white foliage punctuate the settings in minimal arrangements on clear, tall, glass vases.

The versatility of black and white can be seen and appreciated throughout the rest of the store. This time, select settings carry the theme as it reflects on a variety of different combinations. In one area, black is paired with brown to exude a decidedly masculine look. Black leather headboards are paired with black wooden night stands with copper lamps as accessories. A Mies Van Der Rohe living room set is an inspired choice as Barcelona chairs and couches become the focal point. Brown, grey and black striped drapes add a certain softness to the ambiance yet maintains a dignified look.

In another setting, white is paired with taupe and grey to provide a dainty, delicate and feminine ambiance. A taupe fabric padded headboard is matched with taupe and grey couches. White then becomes the linen of choice for the bed to harmonize with a pair of white, sleek bedroom bureau drawers flanking the bed. Clear white bases are matched with stark white shades that serve as lighting fixtures. Taupe embroidered sheer curtains are paired with white organza drapes for an added touch of femininity. This time accessories are on the champagne and matte brass side echoing the light and airy feel of the setting.

The whole store now becomes a celebration of not only on how black and white is a symbol of opulence and style but also on how versatile the palette can become, eliciting different moods for different settings. Black and white is a classic, chic and timeless combination and at OUR HOME, it becomes the chosen palette for the whole month of September.