Romancing the Home

Our Home brings back romance for the month of April as styles and trends speak of a dramatic ambiance and a striking palette. Black becomes the canvas where patterns come to life and where colors are vibrant. The mood is romance all around as the entrance beckons with a pair of velvet tufted love seats and an iconic egg chair donned in classic black. Accentuated with printed floral black and white curtains in striking contrasts creating a softer mood amidst dramatic highlights. White and yellow flowers evoke a clean and crisp flavor while bright mustard throws bring out an arresting appeal. Lush and posh area rugs anchor the setting while stainless steel and white ceramic accessories cap off the elegant and romantic feel of the space.


To the left, the window highlights the drama of black and white as a white leather bedframe is draped with white linens with black details. This time… yellow, hot pink and red act as accents to create a different kind of romantic appeal. The same colors are repeated as a backdrop of floral arrangements peek through white branches of the wooden dividers that flank the bed. A pair of white night stands becomes podiums where black lampshades stand tall on their elegant crystal bases. Pockets of yellow and fuchsia, red and black accents are seen throughout the vignette maintaining a consistent color palette. A patterned floral area rug holds the setting in place.


The focal on the right is replete with elegant and classical black and white snippets that speak of romance in the home. The backdrop is clean and simple. Black and white drapery set the stage for a home setting that is both trendy and contemporary. A queen-sized bed with an oversized high back headboard takes center stage where linens act as accents in their colorful and vibrant palette. Pink and yellow with red thrown into the mix evokes a playful yet understated approach with an underlying romantic undertone. Prints and patterns in floral designs are prescribed to match the flower arrangements that punctuate certain areas of the setting establishing an overall romantic, dramatic and elegant feel. A dining setting gets the same treatment. This time, six contemporary dining chairs surround a glass-topped table where accessories and accouterments echo romance in the home. Tall silver candelabras with bright yellow candles, whimsical wrought iron birdcages and foliage in lush green topiaries elicit a consistent mood that still speak of ardor and passion amidst the elegance of black. A living room is designed in the same context of colors and textures as sofas and love seats don the same sophistication of black plush upholstery punctuated with yellow and fuchsia pillows.  Matching and coordinating sets of coffee tables, side tables and console tables in mirrored finishes with stainless steel details add to the romance where surfaces gleam and glisten catching reflections of light.


The entire store then consistently resound the romantic theme as vignettes and settings contain varieties of styling techniques on how to romance the home. The same color palette applies but this time, the colors are paired and matched with textures, prints and patterns to evoke a flexible and versatile collection of furniture and accessories designed to induce the romantic in everyone. Gray upholstered sofa sets and brown leather ensembles are all given a dose of romance by playing around with curtain patterns, throw pillow prints, carefully chosen accessories and floral arrangements that resonate different applications of styles that are designed to keep the home cozy, comfortable and yet, still maintain an overall romantic and modern feel.