• Renovations 101

Renovations 101

For any homeowner, renovations can be a very exciting endeavor. The thought of taking something and changing the look and the feel of it is stimulating and at the same time full of anticipation for the big reveal. But, like any other undertaking, renovations can be very daunting if not properly planned. The trick here is to make sure that you put your organizational skills to the test for a smooth and stress free activity.



Renovations can happen for a number of reasons but one of the most important reasons would be because you need to. There might be something in your home that desperately needs fixing or the room itself has had its share of wear and tear. If this happens then there is no other choice but to really renovate.


This could simply be because you have the desire to change the look of the space because it has looked the same for the past twenty years or so. More so, if you’re following a trend or style, this could be simply because it is now the “in” thing for interiors.


There is a specific timetable for certain things in the home that follows a schedule but this is not really a hard and fast rule. For instance, repainting should be done cyclically every five years but then again, some people repaint or change the color of their walls every year or sometimes even on a whim. Remember that changing the color of the room through repainting is the easiest way to change the look of the room. Then there’s also wallpaper. Some people argue that wallpaper, if properly installed and maintained can even lasts longer than paint. The only problem with wallpaper in the Philippines is the humidity and this tends to contribute to wallpaper peeling faster than expected. In extreme humid conditions though, wallpaper, because of the humidity, has to be replaced three years down the line. Another item that follows a cycle is upholstery. There are certain fabrics that can really withstand long periods without being replaced. Upholstery usually takes on the life span of the furniture it is attached to but in certain instances, especially when you have pets or children then there might be a need to do reupholstering sooner. Refinishing the floors and even re-sanding may take more preparation time since they’re very labor-extensive and quite messy, so people usually put this off until it is absolutely necessary but this should be done every ten years.

Renovations, aside from following a suggested timetable are best done in the summer months. For one, there is very little chance of rain ruining your work schedule and at the same time, everything dries faster in the summer. Also, since it is the summer and the kids have no classes, you might want to take a long vacation somewhere away from the house to escape the mess and the chaos.



One of the most important yet taken for granted factors is how long the renovations will take and do you have the time for it. Renovations are time consuming and are tedious so the question now is, do you have the time to spare to go through weeks or even months of construction in the home? What people tend to forget is sometimes when renovating, there should be time allotted for renovation and demolition. Demolition is usually taken for granted too and is not factored in but it should be. If the renovation would last for about a month then one fourth of that time should be allotted to demolition so that’s an additional one week added to your work schedule. Renovations, even though it follows a strict work schedule, do not guarantee that it will finish on time. When the renovation starts with one room, it usually snowballs into another room and another room until before you know it, you’re renovating the entire house. And, when this happens, it will of course entail more time.


Before renovations even start, be sure that your funds are enough to see it through. This will guarantee that you will really see the fruits of your labor and enjoy it rather than having to stop work because you lack the funds. Work within a budget. This way, you will only spend for what is needed and what is important and will not go beyond what your wallet can afford. It is advisable that you get two or three quotes from several contractors just to have a point of comparison but do remember that the cheapest one might not necessarily be the best option. Try and look at the pros and cons of each so you can make informed choices. Do not go over budget. This will not only make the work last longer but it also puts a dent in your savings. But do remember though to allot a buffer in your funds for unforeseen expenses during the renovation process.


More than time and money, this is where the renovations will test your spirit. Renovations are messy and chaotic and it will disrupt your existence and the way you normally live. Can you handle the stress of living in the same house while people are working around you? Can you live with the noise of the constant pounding or breathe in the fumes and the dust? These are legitimate questions that you might want to answer before embarking on the renovations of your home. Some people leave their homes temporarily while it is being renovated but this will take money and logistics. Are you prepared to do that? Another thing to consider is the wait. Renovations can seem endless especially if you’re living in the space being renovated. You might get wary looking at the same room day in and day out and wonder why the work is taking too slow. The work is not really too slow it’s just that since you’re there every day, nothing much in the way of changes can be appreciated on a day to day basis. Wait a week and see if there are remarkable changes happening and then appreciate the progress.

All things considered, renovations can only work smoothly and stress free when there is proper planning and proper implementation. And, this can only happen when you seek the help of professionals. Consult with an interior designer or an architect depending on the extent of the renovation you want to embark on. These professionals would have the necessary know-how and experience to guide you through the process and would be equipped to handle the workload and the stress that come with it. This way, you can really enjoy the results and appreciate the change.