• October Autumn Christmas

October Autumn Christmas


Autumn never looked more festive than it does now as OUR HOME ushers in an early Christmas in October.

Christmas comes early this year as OUR HOME celebrates the holiday season in October. For this month, our showrooms are bedecked with yuletide trimmings set in autumnal tones. Earth tones capture the essence of the season as maple leaves turn their hues from yellow, to rust, to copper, to brown.

The entrance immediately captures the eye as an inverted Christmas tree becomes a focal point welcoming shoppers to a different kind of holiday season. Showcasing something unique, the tree's unconventional decor becomes a striking sight as the entire tree is decked with maple leaves resplendent in its autumn colors. Brown Christmas balls and orange glittered leaves serve as accents to evoke a festive ambiance amidst autumnal shades.

Furniture and accessory selection then revolve around the theme of the unusual tree as rust colored fabrics don a loveseat, a chaise and a pair of accent chairs.

A brown shag rug becomes a grounding base as center tables and side tables made of black metal rods give off a contemporary vibe.

Centerpieces are also replete with trimmings that echo the autumn theme and exude a festive and merry mood. Curtain panels also mirror the autumn feel of the space as garlands with pinecones are trimmed with maple leaves.

Store windows are grand and imposing, echoing the colors of autumn as four majestic Christmas trees are evenly distributed throughout, giving off a holiday feel. Trimmed with the same maple leaves and its tones, the trees repeat the same full and opulent decor that speaks of a luxurious season.

Trimmings and decorations are consistent and create a constant look that can be seen in all corners of the store. The focal point is an L-shaped leather sectional sofa in a warm shade of chocolate brown. Taking center stage in the window, the sofa then becomes where the warmth and earthy feel of autumn is elicited. Coordinating with a bright orange chaise and matched with wooden and wrought iron center and side tabled, the window now comes alive in shades that are both autumnal and yuletide at the same time. Orange and gold throw pillows and a light yellow shag rug complete the look.

Queen sized beds flank the living room set-up complete with matching side tables finished in a deep walnut stain. Lamps with clear glass bases are paired on both surfaces creating a contemporary feel. Dressed in bedroom linens in taupe and mocha that also evoke an autumn vibe, the beds now dominate the setting with a plush and cozy look perfect for snuggling. A walnut writing desk and a tufted brown leather footstool cap off the look as well as the addition of a salmon colored upholstered high back accent chair. Above, wreaths of autumn leaves are lighted to exude a holiday mood.

On opposite ends of the store window, a pair of dining set-ups for six serves to border the settings. In rich tones of walnut with glass tops, the dining sets serve as a surface for grand centerpieces that create an air of verticality and elegance. Poinsettias or Christmas flowers, this time in copper tones are arranged in clear glass vases that immediately draw in the eyes. These lush arrangements capture a sense of frivolity yet still manage to maintain a grand scale, all within the guise of celebrating a joyous and festive Christmas.

The autumn theme is seen in all areas of the store but this time, several varieties and options are executed.

For a more traditional approach, brown sofa sets are paired with wooden center, side and console tables and accentuated with Christmas wreaths with pops of orange and copper. Evoking a traditional color pattern where warm shades are utilized, the autumn is still very much applied in textures, accents and accessories.

For a more modern approach, in other areas of the store, autumn colors are matched and coordinated this time with black. Black sofas, black love seats and even black accent chairs are all given the autumn treatment as the addition of brown, rust, russet and orange throw rugs and throw pillows immediately evoke an autumnal vibe.

The combinations and the possibilities are endless. Grays and the colors of the autumn as well as white combined with the same autumnal shades are well-executed and applied for a different take and the results are interiors that are festive, joyous and grand.

The seasons mix and match at OUR HOME and, for the month of October, be inspired, be bold and be merry as we usher in an Autumn Christmas.