• November Christmas Tradition

November Christmas Tradition


It's just a month before Christmas really sets in and OUR HOME gears up for the holidays with a bold red and white theme.

The yuletide tradition is alive as our stores are wrapped in tidings that remind shoppers of tradition, family, and celebrations. Wreaths, garlands, and lights are intertwined with furniture and accessories that speak of a warm and cozy atmosphere where the modern meets the traditional and where bold shades of the season evoke a holiday mood. It is truly a red letter month at OUR HOME.

The entrances alone already invite and welcome guests to a peek of what to expect for the whole month. Two large inverted Christmas trees serve as columns that flank a living room setting. Bedecked in red berries and Christmas flowers and donned with red lights, these inverted trees are a statement to a unique way of accessorizing and decorating the home for the holidays.

Red upholstery captures the modern vibe of the three-seater and two-seater combination that speak of comfort in a contemporary setting. Accented with a pair of white leather loungers, the setting now is a testament to a modern home styled for the yuletide season. Mirrored coffee tables, side tables and consoles echo the glitz and the glitter of the Christmas theme where chosen accouterments and center pieces are staged to harmonize with the overall red theme of the store.

On the left side store window, a different story is told. This time, white sofas sparkle in contrast against a red and walnut background.

Punctuated with a myriad of red and white throw pillows and throw rugs, the sofas become then an interesting foil to an all-red backdrop. A traditional tree is set in one corner where red leaves and glittered ornaments draw attention lighting up the area.

Walnut finished shelves contain a variety of Christmas decors, mixed and matched to complement the red and white theme. Overhead, garlands are strewn together to serve as a wreath where red, shiny and glossy ornaments are hung.

The right side window is a virtual eye spectacle where the red-themed Christmas can really be appreciated. The focal points are two queen-sized beds with red padded headboards. Contemporary in scale and proportion, these beds serve as anchors from which the entire setting is inspired. Covered in crisp, white sheets and accented with bold and bright pillows, the setting creates visions of cuddling under the blankets amidst cold and chilly nights.

Living room set ups evoke a mix of the modern and the traditional as an L-shaped sectional sofa in white leather elicits a contemporary vibe while directly in front, a pair of tufted sofa and love seat combination in white plush fabric represent a more traditional and period approach. Matched with white and clear glass tables, the setting now becomes an exercise in flexibility and variety with possibilities of different matching options. Red and white pillows serve as accents for both settings were a bright red rug underfoot ties everything together.

Dining settings also provide a contrast for possibilities. On one side, a white table for six is laid out with six, high back, contemporary chairs with plush red upholstery. A tall and full centerpiece made of red and silver leaves and flowers surrounded by silver candelabras becomes a focal point while at the back a red lacquered buffet cabinet sets the mood for serving. On the other side, a clear glass table for four is surrounded by studded red chairs in red canvas fabric. On the side is another red lacquered buffet, this time flanked by red, high back accent chairs.

Curtain panels with red velvet drapes and white sheer sides provide a very Christmas-y backdrop for the entire window. To add a more yuletide twist, garlands are hung vertically and laden with Christmas berries and are placed in between the curtain panels for an interesting take on window treatments.

Christmas wreaths are hung on wall panels above the bed in lieu of art work for a more seasonal approach to decorating and on the ceilings, garlands are again intertwined with red matte and silver ornaments hanging from different heights.

And, to cap off the entire Christmas theme, a forest of five fir trees are placed as a cluster in the center.

Each adorned with different themes and motifs, the Christmas trees provide a striking and attention grabbing focal point that clearly echoes the message that Christmas is literally just around the corner.