Modern Chic

Chic is defined as elegant and stylishly fashionable, it is a word most often associated with style and a certain level of class and for the month of June, OUR HOME goes all out chic as furniture and accessories evoke a modern and stylish look and feel. For this month, OUR HOME highlights the colors pink, salmon and tangerine and pairs them up with black and gray for a dramatic marriage of elegance and class yet maintaining that fashionable edge when it comes to chic interiors.


The entrance focal elicits a sedate yet classy feel as carnation pink and charcoal gray give off a contrasting yet classic coupling.  A three-seater and two-seater pair of sofas in modern proportions with detailed tufting elicit a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the Victorian era yet still maintains a contemporary look. Accents are carefully chosen to highlight the contrast yet at the same time evoke a stylish vibe. Pink drapes frame the setting against black sheers to add drama while a bright pink area rug pops out against a sea of dark shades of gray. Silver and stainless steel accessories bring out the glimmer and add to the chic-ness of the setting yet are sparse enough to still evoke a timeless appeal. A lone picture frame with a mauve border ties up the setting and seals in the look.


Left of the entrance focal, black becomes the main palette as a pair of wing chairs gets the chic treatment when mix and match coordinates are used in stark contrasts of black and white stripes. In between, a round table becomes another statement piece as it is adorned with a centerpiece of floral arrangements in a myriad of pink blooms. To accentuate the touch of pink further, a backdrop of pink flowers stands out behind and again, an area rug in blush anchors the setting. A variety of different printed and patterned throw pillows in a collage of shades of pink complete the ensemble.


The window focal this time, boasts of black and different shades of gray to highlight a contemporary and modern display of living rooms, bedrooms and a dining banquet. Three-seater and two-seater sofa combinations punctuate the space with sleek and chic tablescapes consisting of a center, side and console set. Subtle hints of pink and salmon dot the sofas with throw pillows while windows are treated with soft pink drapes with white sheers. Area rugs are bordering on the salmon with tangerine accents making the focal stand out because of contrast and a dramatic use of opposite shades and hues; from the dark and somber palettes of grays and blacks to the bright and vibrant accents of pink, salmon and tangerine. Softer and warmer tones are achieved through the addition of wooden tables in walnut finishes thus adding a cozy and comfortable mood. The center focal though in this setting is a dining banquet where a rectangular walnut dining table for six is given an interesting chic treatment. Instead of surrounding the table with six dining chairs, a high-back settee for two and a pair of sleek black velvet high-back accent chairs are used as dining chairs instantly transforming the look from traditional to trendy. Pink floral centerpieces are scattered all over the settings giving off a soft and airy vibe.


The rest of the store echoes the Modern Chic theme as settings and focals imbibe the same combinations of black and gray with accents of pink, salmon and tangerine. The versatility of the pairings is highlighted as a variety of mixes and matches all evoke a chic and modern vibe. Bedrooms are donned with crisp white sheets and are accented with soft pink pillows and sheer salmon drapes on a light gray and pewter backdrop. Gray upholstered sofas are given the chic treatment as well by playing up on the tangerine treatment this time by making the contrasts strong and dramatic. Even black and white arrangements and layouts are seen as chic by the addition of salmon and pink into the mix.


Chic is drama in contrast. It is described as stylish yet classic, elegant yet trendy and chic is achievable and attainable. Chic is a style and a statement. It transcends different fields from fashion to interiors and at OUR HOME, for the whole month of June, it becomes a way of life.