• June Modern Organics

June Modern Organics

Green is in!

Freshness is in the air as OUR HOME pays homage to an organic theme for the month of June.

Green dominates our stores for this month as prints and patterns capture the essence of botanicals mixed with an ample dose of textures that provide just the right amount of contrast and style perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance. June ushers in the end of summer when temperatures start to cool down and OUR HOME picks the perfect setting to evoke a little bit of freshness amidst styles that soothe and refresh. Living room pieces are comfortable and plush as three seater sofas and love seats are punctuated with plump pillows donning botanical patterns. Ferns and other varieties of foliage dot solid colors of beiges and browns providing a burst of freshness that instantly refreshes tired eyes and immediately relieves stress. The result is an atmosphere that breathes an air of calm and tranquility. Accessories made of wood create the right amount of earthiness where arrangements of green and white floral stylings provide a pristine pop of texture perfect to echo the refreshing vibe of the space. Brown drapes in geometric patterns provide a dramatic foil and evoke a soothing and cozy atmosphere capping off the look that is quite organic.

Modern Organics takes center stage and sets the trend for a new take on florals and foliage.

Dining rooms are awash with wooden finishes echoing the earthy feel and at the same time providing a dose of warmth and become very welcoming. Tables and chairs in walnut carry out a comfortable mood conducive to celebrating the look and feel of an organic setting while tabletop accessories compliment. Floral arrangements consisting of greens in glass and wooden vases and urns provide a fresh addition to the setting. Wooden shelves and dividers, also in walnut finish mirror the earthy and organic feel of the space. Laden with the right ceramic accessories in green and white, caps off the perfect combination of textures, colors and patterns all evoking a modern organic ambiance.

Green sheets and linens in patterns and prints of varied foliage don luxurious beds carrying the fresh and organic feel to the bedroom. Drapery and linens coordinate to create an atmosphere conducive to rest and sleep yet still provide the right amount of freshness as this time, gray and green create a complimentary combination. Lamps in stainless steel and glass bases carry out the luxurious vibe of the bedroom as beige shades evoke elegance and still maintain a fresh look to the space. As summer ends and everyone looks forward to June showers, OUR HOME already provides a hint of freshness as the Modern Organics look takes center stage and sets the trend for a new take on florals and foliage. For the month of June, green is in!