• July Modern Retro

July Modern Retro


For July, Our Home becomes a blank canvas where the tints, tones and shades mix and merry in settings that are lively, upbeat and fresh.

Our Home ushers in a new look for July, bringing in the fun and the frills as prints and patterns dominate the ambiance in bright and vibrant colors. The store is bedecked with hues that speak of a geometric and slightly retro vibe. Colors come out as bold prints and striking patterns don pillows and drapes and punctuate areas creating focals of interests.

Living room settings are washed in bright shades of russet and rust. Russet is paired with charcoal and amidst backgrounds of zigzags and chevrons, in repeating hues of salmon, fuchsia and purple, comes alive in iconic furniture pieces from the 50's and 60's generating a modern mood with retro accents.

A reproduction of the womb chair by Eero Saarinen in bright russet becomes a statement piece as it accentuates an L-shaped three seater sofa and blends well with the contemporary setting. White becomes an accent color that is echoed through the glass tables, wooden shelves and tabletop accessories. A red contemporary wing chair functions also as a foil to a setting where black leather and chrome reproductions of the Siege Grand Comfort sitting pieces by Le Corbusier dominate another living room set-up.

This time, the modern retro vibe is emphasized through accent pillows in bold, graphic prints.

Chartreuse is another tint that clearly lives up to its vibrant nature. Bedrooms, living rooms and dining settings become striking examples of contrast when chartreuse is paired with gunmetal gray with bright yellow accents. Printed and patterned drapes hang vertically emphasizing the undulating shapes and at the same time provide a dramatic backdrop for tufted and padded headboards.

Greens and mustards become accent colors in flower arrangements that lend the setting an elegant yet comfortable ambiance. This time, the focal is drawn towards the living area where a bevy of Barcelona Chairs by Mies Van Der Rohe take center stage. These iconic pieces are both modern and retro yet still manage to elicit a classy and dignified air.

Settings all over Our Home for the month of July are awash with bold patterns and loud prints that evoke a whimsical atmosphere.

Colors shout out and as a result, sofas come alive, curtains speak volumes on shades and tones and pillows and rugs become canvasses where hues and shapes are avenues of style and substance all working towards a modern retro look.

Sofas and settees in safe colors such as beige and gray all of a sudden become exciting and vibrant because in this case, prints and patterns become striking accent pieces that evoke a bold flair.

For the month of July, prints are pretty and patterns are pleasing in Our Home.