Industrial Inspirations


For the whole month of May, Our Home takes a different and unique approach by going avant-garde, by applying a new definition for the industrial look. The raw and rough textures and the strong masculine colors are given a stylish and contemporary feel allowing for a more flexible and classy appeal. Taking off from the industrial feel of wood, iron and leather, the month of May sees a redefined feel for the home as Our Home gives the industrial look new and avant-garde interpretation.


The entrance focal at Our Home North Edsa sets the stage and the mood for what the rest of the store carries. Centering on a queen-sized bed with a rough and raw wooden frame and a black leather headboard, it anchors the vibe for the coordinating living and dining settings. Donned in brown and black sheets and beddings, the bed exudes a masculine feel that is matched by the wrought iron stand lamps on both sides. Leather throw pillows in black and in faux fur add to the mood. Behind, mirrors and artwork are framed in copper and brass to create an added element of posh and polish. Two chests of shelves that echo the wood and wrought iron combination for a consistent look also flank the bed. A black shag rug at the foot of the bed anchors a brown ottoman and a pair of natural woven baskets to add to the feel and look of the space. To the right, the texture of rich brown leather is given its much-needed spotlight as it is used to don the two-seater and three-seater sofas. The couches are further enhanced by the addition of faux fur throw pillows as well as throw blankets in rich fabrics. Complementing the brown leather are center, side and console tables in rich, wood grains topped with clear glass. Accessories are kept masculine by using only steel and glass with accents of copper and brass. Foliage is also kept to greens and succulents to complement the industrial look of the living room set-up. To the left, the dining setting consistently makes use of a table with a wooden base with a clear glass top similar to the tables used in the living room setting. Six wooden chairs with brown fabric upholstery surround the table and soften the mood. A richly wooden grained buffet cabinet and a matching sideboard add storage options in the dining setting topped with glass lamp bases with black fabric shades. Centerpieces are kept minimal with only greenery and candles to act as accessories. Window treatments consist of drapes in copper and brass palettes with touches of brown again adding a classy and elegant element to the entire setting.


The second entrance focal makes use of the same textures of wood and wrought iron but this time, the industrial look is given a sedate treatment by making use of a lighter wood finish. Black is still the color palette of choice for this setting as it contrasts starkly with the light finished wood. The bed still takes center stage in this set-up flanked by an industrial nest of tables to one side serving as bedside tables and a writing desk on the other side. A mirror with a black enameled tin frame above the headboard draws attention and sets the mood at the same time. Black and white printed beddings and linens provide an interesting contemporary touch. To one side of the bed, a three-seater and two-seater living room set in black leather is complemented with beech wood and wrought iron center, side and console tables. An accent chair in beige and an area rug in the same color act as accents. A unique dining setting on the other side consists of raw wood planks used as a dining table with a cast iron leg base. Using the same wood planks, the dining table is matched with a pair of dining chairs and a long bench to evoke a less formal mood. Black and white printed curtains and draperies echo the contemporary feel of the space and accessories in the same color palette with silver and stainless steel accents complete the look and add an element of shine.


The window focal utilizes a purely brown and leather approach. Making use of brown leather and brown fabric for its main palette, the look is consistent with the industrial theme of the entire store with an avant-garde touch. This time, headboards and cushions, seats and pillows are neutral in scheme and application, cohesively blending and complementing the main theme of the entire store. Wood finishes are all in walnut for a unified feel, and texture accents border on black ceramic vases, gold and brass accouterments and foliage in deep green hues. This time though, color accents make use of a bolder approach as vibrant hues of yellows and tangerines punctuate the settings for an attractive foil. Floral arrangements in mustard, bright salmon and stark orange create contrast to soften the wrought iron and cast iron textures and at the same time complement the rich wood finishes.


The entire store is replete with browns and blacks, fabric and leather textures with cast iron and wrought iron touches here and there yet still maintain an elegant ambiance with the addition of glass, brass, copper, gold and stainless steel eliciting a look that is unmistakably industrial yet executed with an avant-garde flair. See us for the whole month of May and be amazed with Our Home’s industrial inspirations.