• Homes for the Holidays

Homes for the Holidays

This season, a different, joyous and unique event unfolds as OUR HOME welcomes the yuletide with HOMES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Taking cue from the Filipinos’ penchant for celebrating Christmas, OUR HOME, the leader in home furniture and furnishings ushers in the celebration with the best way to herald the shopping season – with different themes and schemes of Christmas. This year, HOMES FOR THE HOLIDAYS focuses on three different interior design styles and palettes that made OUR HOME synonymous to the best in quality furniture and furnishings, catering to discerning tastes. OUR HOME has always been known for providing the best furniture selection, in a variety of styles and colors and a complete collection of home accessories and furnishings the whole year round but this Christmas season, OUR HOME rises above the rest by introducing three distinct interior design trends, styled with a festive holiday spirit to elicit and create the Christmas vibe. OUR HOME stores all over the metro and in key cities in the provinces will highlight creative Christmas settings centering on three innovative styles that OUR HOME furniture and furnishings are known for – CONTEMPORARY, INDUSTRIAL AND NEO-BAROQUE.



The new and the now, the contemporary style centers of key pieces that are considered current and up to date. The contemporary style capitalizes on streamlined silhouettes and compact proportions that reveal a classy yet modern feel. Colors are light, encompassing the achromatic and neutral palette and are deemed safe and soft. Shapes are geometric with subtle rounded curves that evoke a smooth and straightforward approach to style. The contemporary style relies heavily of the premise that it is trendy without the fear of being dated. These are styles in furniture and furnishings that are constant and consistent, without the worry of being out of style. They consist of soft, solid textures devoid of print and are easy on the eyes. Glass, stainless steel and light finished wood are the cornerstones of textures this style is anchored on.



Heavy and rustic, with a strong masculine vibe, the industrial style is rough and raw but with a comfortable and cozy aftertaste. This trend focuses on deep, warm leather with wrought iron or cast iron accents and dark wood finishes providing a backdrop for the style. The industrial style is anchored on the tactile sense, owing its appeal to surfaces and finishes that can be felt or touched. Unique and a standout, this style centers on textures that appeal to an unconventional style palette. The style is homey yet stark, cozy yet hard and rough yet comfortable. Appealing to those who want to create an atmosphere that is quite individual and unique, the industrial style is guaranteed to elicit a twice look-over.



Posh and plush, luxurious and opulent, this style banks on the glamour and glitz of the 17th century and the sensible lines of the present to create a style that is both modern yet elegant. Soft and textured fabrics or leather punctuated with tufting in geometric patterns are the highlights of this style. A touch of shimmer and shine provided by gold and silver accents together with glass, steel and crystal evoke opulence amidst modern shapes and proportions. The Neo Baroque vibe is modish and feminine, sateen and satin, mirrors and chrome provide finishes that evoke and elicit a classy and posh ambiance in a setting that is almost devoid of color with grays and beiges predominating or in a stark and dramatic black and/or white backdrop.