• A Modern Retro March

A Modern Retro March

For the month of March, OUR HOME goes back in time and pays homage to the iconic decades of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s as vintage styles and retro colors are given a modern twist. Furniture styles from periods that are considered iconic are mixed and matched with contemporary pieces with bold colors and vibrant prints added in for an overall blast-from-the-past effect. The mood is funky and the vibe is cool. This is OUR HOME’s style settings for March.

The entrance speaks volumes of the retro theme as prints and patterns of the psychedelic 70s are utilized as a focal. The entrance boasts of a pair of bright yellow sofas take center stage and set the mood. Dotted and punctuated with intentionally mismatched pillows in bright colors and graphic prints, the vibe automatically becomes funky and cool while the energy is high and vibrant. An accent chair in chartreuse is added as a bright foil to the color palette yet at the same time adds to the fun and blends well with the rest of the pieces. Printed curtains in graphic designs with the same bright colors provide an apt backdrop and ties in everything together while graphic prints hung against a plain white wall pop up and give off a contemporary feel. An area rug in mustard and grey anchors the setting in place and provides a warm and cozy feel.

The windows then draw attention as printed pink floral curtains dominate the background. Alternating plain and printed patterns break the monotony of a long wall and still serve as the inspiration for the furniture arrangements in front. A sectional sofa in grey is placed in the center of the setting where this time, a bright turquoise accent chair provides contrast and livens up the arrangement. Different patterns and colors in the accent throw pillows add to the funkiness of the vibe and at the same time play into the 60s theme. A pair of queen-sized beds with padded headboards in textured grey fabrics is donned in sage and mustard sheets to compliments the color palette of the floral curtains. This time though a subdued 50s vibe is adapted to make the mood conducive to sleep and rest and the funky vibe is a bit downplayed. Bright pink ottomans though perk up the setting in place of a regular footrest. Tables for six complete the set up as this time, a 1940s feel is achieved. Vintage dining pieces clad in richly grained are highlighted with the soft, curvilinear and smooth lines that predominate in dining chairs and tables. The overall feel of the main window is a mix of the retro and the vintage with burst of hues and shades and a generally fun and vibrant ambiance.

Pockets of the vintage and the retro feel are distributed all over the entire OUR HOME store as iconic pieces are used as repetitive accents that are paired with contemporary pieces in settings that speak of versatility and comfort giving shoppers ideas on how these pieces from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s can work well with standard furniture pieces. Bright colored versions of the Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip Chair and Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen, iconic pieces by Charles Eames and even a pair of Queen Anne Wing Chairs are all showcased in contemporary vignettes to recreate the feel of the vintage and retro decades yet at the same time evoke a modern vibe.

Furniture styles and fabric colors of what OUR HOME is known for shine and elicit a different mood for this month of March but still retain a contemporary and modern appeal. These styled settings spread across the store offer a variety of different looks that cater to homeowners and designers that border on vintage and retro leanings yet are still contemporary in application.